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You’re not the only one who thinks the way you do.
Meet Fifth the Fifth Element Community:
An intentional collective organizing events
& promoting sustainability



The Fifth Element Community is an intentional community organization. Our main tribe and founding team is based out of the North Bay Area in California. Our mission is to promote a more positive and sustainable future by creating space through community events to uplift, educate and inspire.

We support local businesses whose values align with ours as well as other socially and environmentally conscious projects. We organize workshops, retreats and entertainment events as well as fundraisers and collaborative forums. Our long term goal is to establish a permanent residence and build a sustainable retreat center where people may live, work, gather and play.


We aim to raise money through events and donations to establish a permanent retreat center for all of our ambitious endeavors and non-profit collaboration. A physical manifestation of what our dream world looks like – covered in biodiversity and crystals, sustainable and affordable.

Want an invitation to our upcoming events?


FEC High Vibe Parties

Come to one of our upcoming events to raise your vibration and meet people that speak the same soul language that you do. Laugh, play, and learn while we hike, dance, explore, meditate and create! From yoga to live music, we are always up to something that feeds the soul.

Upcoming Events

Interested in meeting us? Come to one of our upcoming events and feel us out !

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FEC Collaboration

The great thing about community is that everyone has the opportunity to have a role in it. Are you a natural born leader or interested in holding your own workshop / event? Contact us to begin the application process to be a collaborator in one our tribes or become the leader of your very own tribe.


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What’s in it for you?

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    Cosmic Connections

    Reclaim your birthright of authentic connection. Meet down to earth, fun, creative and AWESOME people so you don’t have to feel like you belong on another planet anymore.

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    Community Events

    Even if your work is very enjoyable, you know play is just as important! Join us on one of our upcoming adventures so you can meet people who think just like you do and love talking about the same things.

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    FEC Member Database

    There is an entire database of resources, information, references and golden nuggets for a huge range of subject matter – all directly from our favorite sources. Some examples of what our database includes: diet and nutrition information and recipes, all of our favorite spiritual teachers and leaders, links to sustainable and beneficial products, as well as book lists and high vibe music lists.

Want the latest information on our progress?

While we are on track for 501(c)(3) status we are offering Free Membership through August of 2017. Members who register before the August 2017 deadline will be grandfathered in our database and will receive exclusive access to events, retreats, activities and resources that will only be available to donating members. So spread the word, sign up and stay tuned for updates and announcements!

What some of our members have to say:

“I’ve been searching for people to connect with on a deeper level. I often found myself trying to convert my friends to the same subjects that I was learning about but it was exhausting and futile. Spending time with people who GET IT has been more rewarding than words can express.”
– Jocelyn S.
Community Member

“The people in this community are so loving and genuinely care about each other. I love knowing I have a place I can go to to ask questions about anything. There are people here that give incredible guidance that has helped me through a lot of challenges.”
-Chantal C.
Community Member

” My contribution to Fifth Element Community is utilizing my creative mind and free spirit to build connections and foster relationships in the realm of spiritual and peculiar. This is the start of a conversation; I want our work here to challenge what you innately know and feel.”
– Dakota Q.
Fifth Element Team Member

The Fifth Element Community is a revolutionary project with a vision to change the lives of many while having more fun than you could ever imagine.