Our Mission


Connecting & cultivating passion and community through self-exploration and alternative lifestyle modalities. We aim to raise consciousness and inspire positive change for the world while providing tools & resources. We aim to help individuals reach their ultimate potential for fulfillment and happiness.

Our Plan

Establish a completely sustainable, eco-friendly permanent location for the community to offer workshops, retreats and events.

Promote, support and inspire socially conscious projects through collaboration, fundraising and networking.

Educate and execute – share tools and resources for spiritual living with a tangible and comprehensive action plan for people to take home with them.

Our Values

we are only of service to others

Our number one priority is to be of service to others. Everything we embody is for the upliftment of the planet, humanity and our members. We want to be as accessible, affordable and beneficial as we can to anyone that seeks us out. We are here to be an example of what a true spiritual community looks like.

we are love-centered

There is only room for love in our community. We offer tools, resources, workshops and wisdom to help anyone seeking love. We do not judge, we are aim to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as we can and we believe in supporting projects whose mission is in line with ours.

We are transparent

We are honest to a fault. We are aiming to achieve 501(c)(3) status in the state of California and we will make our financial data publicly available as well as our progress. We believe in trust, integrity and honesty. This is a project that you can be confident in supporting.

we share wisdom from only the best

We only share information that meets our strict principle. You get the best of the best, directly from our favorite sources.
Our Principle: Who do you listen to?
People who have been where you are and are now exactly where you want to be.

The Fifth Element Crew

Jacqueline Van Auken – Founder & Director

This project is my whole heart and soul. I have began cultivating this community because I have a strong desire to contribute to something that will serve all of humanity. My life mission has been to cultivate community and connection. I told my parents at the age of five that I was an alien because I truly felt like one. When I graduated high school in 2012 I moved to the Bay Area with one goal in mind: find people who saw the world the same way I did. I wanted a tribe of friends around me who loved me unconditionally. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for the friendships that I have fostered in the last four years and now that I have a network around me of like-minded people, I am eager to share it with others who seek the same thing. I invite you to come play with us. Experience unconditional love, kindness, and appreciation from a community of weird, psychic and fun loving wizards. I look forward to playing with you. Namaste.

Lauren Brewer – Co-Founder

Claiming “the magician” as my favorite archetype, I boldly go forth exploring the cosmos and the inner mind through meditation. My goal in life is to bring the highest knowledge and wisdom of our celestial ancestors to the people to elevate our fundamental understanding of reality. I channel and communes with non-physical beings to connect with and integrate their teachings to the physical reality. I takes pleasure in the esoteric arts as well including tarot, readings for spirit guides, past lives, and more. In daily life, I promote networks and help facilitate events for FEC.

Sarah Swintek
– Graphic Design & Branding Sorceress

Sarah Swintek has had a passion for graphic design since her first class in 2010 where she also first met our founder, Jacqueline. Sarah has created all graphic imagery and branding for the Fifth Element Community. She has her own graphic design business and her work can be viewed at: http://www.sarahswintek.com/

Dylan Churchill
– O.C. Tribe Leader

As an entrepreneur of mindfulness, I seek to assist others in their connection to the present moment. There are many ways to share present- moment awareness in the world, some of the methods I have chosen to use include: mindfulness training programs, guided meditation, sound healing, energy healing, and verbal, discussion based healing. As a student of Soul Based Living under Raul Rosiles, I have experience in what it takes to create a “container” by which energy can move, disappear, and change. I am blessed and honored to bring this to Fifth Element Community.

Austin Shelton
– Journalist & Operations Executive

The life I’m building with the Fifth Element Community is promoting a way for humanity and myself to really reap the benefits of living with joy. Through being there for the community I have experienced so much growth along my life path. My passion is sharing with humanity inspirational pieces of information and practices that unlock the inner-mysteries of being human. The contribution I put forth comes from my heart’s desire to see every human succeed. I know it matters to the community that we provide a way for this happen – breath by breath. It is a thrill to be alive and I look forward to sharing the life of my soul’s journey with you all.

The Fifth Element Co-Creators

Alex Banfarhat – Sacred Movement Instructor
Bay Area

I started practicing meditation when I was 16 after meeting a monk in Thailand who taught me a little bit about how to quiet the mind and evidently opened me up to the path of self discovery. Three years later I began practicing vinyasa yoga which rapidly accelerated the growth of awareness. As I dove deeper into the philosophy of yoga I felt a calling to travel east to Nepal to study yoga in a traditional Guru – disciple setting. After receiving initiation into classical Tantra Yoga through the Satyananda lineage, and learning the traditional methods of asana (the yoga postures) and meditation (the practice of becoming thoughtless), I feel it is now my responsibility to share this knowledge with all who are called to practice this ancient wisdom. For the benefit of all beings, join me in the movement back home into the heart .

Taylor Bright – Sacred Movement Teacher
bay area

Hello brothers and sisters ~ I’m Taylor. I am a newcomer to the West coast, having driven cross country from Florida in the beginning of March. I have been practicing many forms of yoga for about 6 years now, a practice which has revolutionized, realigned, healed, and nurtured many aspects of my life. I do not possess an ‘official certification’ by any means, but feel as if I have gotten to a place within my practice in which I am confident in sharing with others, contributing a mutual and synergistic benefit. Considering this, I won’t necessarily follow a traditional yoga ‘style’ but be much more focused on gentle, conscious free flow with breath, completely open to suggestions of any kind ~ This is a learning process for all of us! With the intention of proving a deepened connection to nature and self, heightened peace of mind, and yummy bodily movement, we will use this time and space to dive together into an elevated state of BEing; whatever that means for YOU as an individual. This will be my first go at guiding a group through practice, and I am both honored and humbled beyond belief. So much love for you all, can’t wait to practice with you!

Noelle Botello – Artist
orange county

Noelle’s work is inspired by the Tibetan sand mandala ritual. The idea that everything is temporary, which is why she doesn’t carry solid prints with her at events, just originals. She loves giving people the chance to pick a piece of hers that really speaks to them deep down on a highly emotional level. This is why each mandala that she creates is unique in its own way, so that it caters to the masculine and of course the feminine nature in everyone.

Click for updates on upcoming shows and current works in progress

Our Progress

What we are doing now

  • Weekly Activities

    Consistency is the key and our community is gathering weekly for community events to keep our vibrations high and build a get the word out about what we are building. We are currently seeking more members who would like to contribute by offering donation based classes.

  • Masterminds

    We have weekly masterminds that connect socially conscious entrepreneurs. This is our contribution to service the local community and help others make their dreams come true as we work towards our own.

  • Monthly High Vibe Parties

    We are raising money to bring us closer to our goal of obtaining 501(c)(3) non-profit status through our paid monthly fundraisers. These high vibe parties will continue to be the life-line of the community as we gather, play, sing, dance, eat great food and learn.

future plans

  • Launch Programs

    We have several programs in incubation and many of them are ready to hatch. As we harness more support, we will be announcing the most popular programs that members have requested, including sustainable agriculture and a musicians group.

  • Create more events

    From retreats to workshops and seminars, we want to add more activities to our calendar for members to participate in and to offer more value.

what we need

  • 501(c)(3) Status

    Right now we are working with a very clear vision and a very big dream. We are researching, raising money and working towards non-profit status. Our goal is April of 2017!

  • Fiscal Sponsor

    In order to obtain 501(c)(3) status we need a fiscal sponsor, advisory board and a board of directors. We have a few opportunities in the works but if you are interested in playing a part, please contact us below!

  • To Grow Our Team

    We need event coordinators, healers, keynote speakers and operations support as this community grows. Once we have a solid business platform we will begin building our staff of supporters.

  • Promo &Marketing

    With a solid business platform and a team of supporters we will begin marketing our project to bring in the financial abundance we need to make the dream turn into a reality.

Want to get involved?
Contact us!

Contribution Positions Available:

– Event Coordinators
Will work directly with Jacqueline, Lauren & Austin to plan and execute event planning

– Fiscal Sponsors
Organizations and businesses who can help us raise money while we work towards non-profit status

Advisory Board Positions Available:

– Legal Consultant
– Fundraising & Campaign Consultants

Seeking Fine Arts Members:

– Musicians
– Writers
– Artists
– Performers

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