E.G.O. – Earth Guide Only

Consider this: Maybe there is no ego. There is only awareness, feeling and then the conscious processing of the two, which are thoughts.

In other words, we observe and experience. Then, we feel about the experience. Then we process those feelings in thoughts and mind words.

The word ego describes what happens when we mistake our thoughts for who we really are; it’s when we confuse our identity and our worth with emotion. It is when we confuse the definition of our being with the byproduct of experience. For example, when someone says “their past” or “their childhood”, they may be mistaking those experiences as being part OF them. Therefore, making up a part of who they are to JUSTIFY why they feel or behave a certain way right NOW.

But you aren’t the past because the past is an IDEA. You are not an idea; you are a self-aware physical being watching the outside world and feeling a non-physical inside world at the same time.

The past is a movie reel that we play over INSIDE our minds from an experience. YOU are only the part that is aware. You can actually, honestly, choose a different story to tell about yourself, which in turn will produce a different emotion, which will produce a different experience, which will put you in a different reality. Therefore, the part of you that CHOOSES to watch a different movie is the only part that is real. The rest is just the REEL.

The conscious process isn’t the mind. The process is happening inside the mind. The mind is a concept that encompasses all the things happening in our internal world. It’s manifestation in the physical reality IS our bodies which allow us to process and experience emotions in the physical reality. We play movies inside the mind about these experiences.

So then, what is a soul? Perhaps it’s the channel in which awareness flows. Imagine some sort of epic looking glowing orb called: Source, God, God Force, God Particle, The Alpha and the Omega, The Collective, The Universal Stream, The Higher Self. It has projections reaching out like a web like how the nervous system extends throughout our physical bodies. Like streams.

Each soul stream is connected to all rivers, connected to all oceans. Much like a fractal, there is uniform and structure in this web. Every extension is a thread connected to the same ocean. Our awareness and attention to this channel fires it up and produces emotions that FIRE YOU UP:

joy, passion, excitement, wonder, love, gratitude, exhilaration, ecstasy, fulfillment, satisfaction, peace, glory, holy, cosmic, divinity….

Therefore, it may be concluded that our emotions are a compass guiding us back to our natural state: our soul essence, our divinity. Emotions let us know whenever the mind produces a thought that is not in agreement with our Higher Self.

We can FEEL the discord when we step out of alignment with Divinity. We can feel the stream pinching off like a kink in a hose. These emotions are not meant to dominate us; they’re meant to re-route us HOME like a GPS. Our inner-compass always points North. It never abandons us. We can always feel for its guidance whenever we need it.

Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we misunderstand. Sometimes we need a reminder. Not everyone is reminded in the same way, either. Right now, I have been reminded of all of these things through compassion and play, through nature and new people, through music and dance, through affirmation and trust and through yoga and nourishing food.

I had a really  great weekend and I’m going to kick some ass sharing these rediscovered principles – building community, holding space for events, playing with new people and cultivating abundance so someday we can build an ashram of sorts to do more of these things all the time. Forever, whenever. Namaste homies. Thanks for reading

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